Industrial Water Filtration System,Vaughan, ON

Uncontrolled contamination leads to premature wear and corrosion of water-containing industrial machinery.

Industrial Water Filtration System in Vaughan, Ontario

Many industrial sites in Vaughan, Ontario make use of systems that contain and use water– for example, steam boilers, cooling towers, and the heat exchangers within heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

One of the challenges faced by those responsible for the use and maintenance of industrial machinery that contains and utilizes significant amounts of water is the presence of contaminants within the water, e.g. oils, solids, and other substances.

Minerals and metals are a particular problem due to their tendency to cause deposit build-up within pipes and other parts of the system. This clogging can reduce water flow, leading to reduced efficiency within the system and making pumps and other components work harder than necessary. This can result in higher rates of wear and tear, leading to components needing to be replaced earlier than expected, increasing running costs and downtime, and generally just causing maintenance headaches.

Metallic substances like iron, lead, and chromium are some of the more common and problematic contaminants found in industrial water systems. Aside from the flow restriction they cause due to clogging, they can also help cause excessive corrosion and undue wear and tear to blades, impellers, and other parts as they move through the system while suspended in water in a particulate state.

Contaminants can enter the system from outside, i.e. via the water supply system. Industrial processes also tend to generate heavier solids and utilize abrasive chemicals, leading to the possibility of further contamination.

To reduce the impact of contamination, especially the negative effects it has on cost and system wear and tear, it is vital that a comprehensive, properly designed and maintained industrial water filtration system forms part of the overall installation. This will remove many of the minerals and other contaminants that are responsible for damage and corrosion.

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