grasp the importance of industrial water treatment

Running a process water system involves managing several factors to ensure your operational processes are achieved in the most technical and financially efficient way possible. While you may grasp the importance of industrial water treatment, you may not fully understand the heavy impact it can have on achieving your operational goals. We have outlined some of the problems you may not have realized were tied to industrial water treatment, as well as potential solutions.

1.   Production output—If you run a manufacturing facility and are trying to maximize output, using a boiler that produces saturated steam means your steam will never be fully dry, which can impact your production processes. The goal is to keep the smallest percentage possible of your steam as liquid water, and industrial water treatment can help with this.

2.   Water consumption—Do you feel like your site’s water bill is too high? If so, you may want to look at the cyclers of concentration within your system, as poor concentration of minerals can lead to excess water consumption that can negatively impact your budgetary limits.

3.   Cooling capacity—Today, modern HVAC systems, which often include chillers, are incredibly efficient. The right industrial water treatment ensures your chillers’ cooling capacity is maintained as it was properly designed, so it effectively handles your building’s cooling needs moving forward.