filtration and cooling tower water treatment

Cooling towers are widely used in industrial facilities for the purpose of maintaining temperatures and rejecting heat within many types of applications. Although cooling towers provide cooling in industrial facilities or even basic air conditioning in a commercial building, a cooling water treatment plan can make a significant difference in their operation in the following ways:

  • Decreased blockages—With the right type of filtration and cooling tower water treatment, suspended solids and particulate matter from the environment surrounding the cooling tower can be eliminated from the water within the system. This means there will be fewer deposits in the fill, distribution basin, and sump, which can reduce the number of blockages that occur in essential process components, like the piping and heat exchangers.
  • Increased corrosion inhibition—By implementing a cooling tower water treatment plan, you can minimize under-deposit corrosion within your cooling tower, as well as enhance the corrosion inhibitor’s effectiveness. Since fewer deposits result in better passivation of the system metal, the life of the system can also be increased.
  • Decreased energy usage—The right cooling tower water treatment technology can result in decreased deposits, which can mean greater efficiency during heat transfer and lower energy usage overall. This can also result in the need for fewer periodic cleanings of system components, and when cleanings are needed, they will take less time and be easier to complete, reducing overall maintenance costs.