Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Brampton, ON

The right water treatment chemicals can improve the efficiency and extend the lifespan of a cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Brampton, Ontario

Industrial cooling systems are an important part of many production plants and other industrial facilities in Brampton, Ontario. Without the heat absorption, transfer, and dispersal role that these systems perform, it would be impossible for the sites to operate. In many cases, these heavy-duty systems make use of one or more cooling towers, as these towers provide a highly efficient way to remove and disperse heat from factories and other similar operations.

Because they use large quantities of water as a medium to absorb, transfer, and disperse heat, cooling towers tend to experience three major problems that can lead to efficiency loss and premature component failure:

  • Deposit buildup – Due to waterborne minerals and other contaminants that lead to the buildup of scale and sludge in the system. This buildup can increase corrosion, restrict the flow of water, reduce the transfer of heat, and reduce the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Corrosion/rusting – Can cause failure because of damage to heat exchangers, piping, and other parts of the system, and reduce the efficiency of heat transfer components.
  • Biological/microbial growths –Because organisms like algae and fungi grow and breed in water, a cooling tower is an ideal environment for them to proliferate. Surfaces coated with these growths are more likely to experience scale buildup, and biological material present in the water can lead to clogging and fouling of pumps, pipes, and other parts of the system.

Any management strategy aimed at combatting and controlling these challenges should incorporate the appropriate use of cooling tower water treatment chemicals.

If used properly, and in the hands of a water chemistry expert with the correct knowledge, skills, and experience, cooling tower water treatment chemicals can be an effective way to clean up contaminated water, reduce buildup and growths already present in the system, and prevent problems going forward.

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