Cooling Tower Pre-Treatment, Mississauga, ON

We’ll help you manage your costs while achieving the best performance.

Cooling Tower Pre-Treatment in Mississauga, Ontario

If you use cooling towers as part of your daily operations, you know that your water quality not only affects your outputs but also your equipment.  At Ion Water Solutions, we have experience working across multiple commercial and industrial industries to provide cooling tower pre-treatment solutions that reduce water consumption and extend the life of cooling tower equipment.

We take a three-tiered approach to cooling tower pre-treatment, including complete data management and monitoring, turnkey maintenance, and the option for non-chemical water treatment as needed. We understand that cooling tower pre-treatment includes the monitoring of your water, chemicals, and utilities, so that you can manage your costs while achieving the best performance.

Our turnkey maintenance solutions include utilizing proven water technologies to ensure your facility begins seeing results at the first use. This turnkey approach also applies to facilities that require water quality solutions but cannot use specific chemicals in your cooling towers. Our aim is always to provide the technology applications and services unique to your facility needs.

By staying abreast of the latest advancement in water quality technology and providing specific methods for water treatment at your facility in Mississauga, Ontario, we can provide you with advanced equipment performance from the moment we initiate new cooling tower pre-treatment procedures, leading to greater return on investment over time.

Contact us at Ion Water Solutions today for more information about how we can provide turnkey services for one or more of your facilities.  We look forward to helping you achieve better results.

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