Boiler Scale Buildup, Vaughan, ON

Deal with boiler scale buildup before it causes problems.

Boiler Scale Buildup in Vaughan, Ontario

Scale deposits within industrial boilers are not to be taken lightly, as the repercussions can be very serious. Boiler scale buildup is the leading cause of boiler failure. Even if it does not cause a complete failure, boiler scale buildup will lead to efficiency loss and premature wear and tear of various parts of the system.

Boiler scale buildup occurs when mineral salts (like calcium or magnesium) that are dissolved in the water within the boiler system precipitate onto part of the system and form a hard layer. Usually these salts enter the system via “hard” feed water.

Scale deposits within the boiler system can cause a host of problems; for example:

  • Blockage and cloggingespecially within pipes and hoses- This can cause overheating and rupture, and the restricted water flow reduces overall efficiency, making the boiler burn more fuel and pumps work harder than necessary.
  • Reduction in heat exchange– When heat exchange and transfer components become coated with scale, they are partially insulated, significantly reducing their effectiveness and reducing overall system performance.

Fortunately, boiler scale buildup can be effectively managed by the expert use of chemicals that dissolve the minerals that produce scale and allow them to be filtered out of the system.

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