Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Vaughan, ON

Untreated water can seriously damage your cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment in Vaughan, Ontario

Due to their ability to extract and disperse excess (or “waste”) heat into the atmosphere, cooling towers are an important part of many industrial sites and large buildings (where they are generally used as part of a large HVAC system) in the Vaughan, Ontario area.

Water is a very effective medium for collecting, relocating, and dispersing heat, and therefore most types of cooling towers are filled with water. Unfortunately, under the right circumstances, water tends to become easily contaminated, especially in industrial environments.

If the water in a cooling tower is left untreated, organic/biological growth, fouling, scaling, and corrosion are likely to occur. This will reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system and could lead to a loss of productivity of the entire facility, possibly cause downtime while the cooling tower and the rest of the cooling system is cleaned and repaired, and increase the risk of costly equipment needing to be replaced sooner than necessary.

A proper cooling tower water treatment program, implemented and overseen by experts with the required knowledge and experience, is essential for all businesses that operate cooling towers as part of various operations. Regular measuring and monitoring of water quality should be practiced to determine what treatment is required and correct for the situation at hand.

Appropriate cooling tower water treatment usually involves introducing carefully selected and measured chemicals that prevent biological growth (which can cause obstructions and prevent constant water flow), minimize the buildup of scale and fouling, and remove particulate matter and minerals like chromates, carbonates, and zinc from the water.


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