Cooling Tower Pre-Treatment, Vaughan, ON

Pre-treatment of water helps cooling towers operate at maximum efficiency.

Cooling Tower Pre-Treatment in Vaughan, Ontario

If left untreated, the water used in cooling towers tends to become contaminated with oil, grease, scale, rust particles, mud, slime or other biological growths, and general debris emanating from within the cooling system or introduced from outside, e.g. when water is used to cool a manufacturing process that produces a lot of contaminants.

Aside from contamination that occurs within the system, it is also often the case that the water being introduced into the cooling system is of questionable quality, especially in “hard” water areas and may contain high levels of calcium, magnesium, carbonates and other minerals that can lead to the buildup of scale.

For this reason, it is important that the overall water management and treatment strategy on any site in Vaughan, Ontario that uses cooling towers includes a water pre-treatment element. Pre-treating water by purifying and balancing it before it enters the cooling system helps to increase its quality and stability, ensuring that extra contaminants are not introduced into the system. This can help keep the system operating at its peak and lower the risk of early component failure.

Although cooling tower pre-treatment is advisable for the majority of systems, it is especially important in systems that contain galvanized cooling towers to help prevent the formation of white rust. If pre-treatment is implemented from the beginning, or at least soon after a cooling tower is commissioned, and if the water chemistry is properly monitored and controlled, this can actually help to “passivate” the zinc coating applied to the tanks and other galvanized components, reducing the risk of white rust and premature corrosion.

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